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Emperor tyrant

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Emperor tyrant

"Hey, great sage, I also accepted this wench, this handsome cow must let her sweep the eight wastelands, the world invincible." The Big Black Bull smiled, glanced at Li Qiye and said, "You, the Great Sage, will you also give my disciple a gift?" "Come, come, come, disciple, give a big gift to the Great Sage quickly. The Great Sage is an invincible and unparalleled existence. When you walk all over the world in the future, you will report the name of the Great Sage and say that there is a Great Sage to protect you. This will allow you to travel nine days and ten places.." Of course, the big black bull will not miss the opportunity to blackmail Li Qiye, and immediately teach Liu Yanbai to make a big gift to Li Qiye. When Liu Yanbai had not fully understood the benefits of this, he made a big gift to Li Qiye in a muddled way. Li Qiye smiled and took out the plain clothes bought from the arrogant firm. This plain clothes was left by the fairy who flew up with Xuanxiao. It was very mysterious. There is a mystery in this precious garment. Whether you can really understand it depends on your own good fortune. Li Qiye gave the plain clothes to Liu Yanbai. Liu Yanbai took the plain clothes, stunned, and did not know whether it was good or bad. Good thing, this is a good thing, disciple, and I will wear it later. Compared with other strong people, the old eyes of the big black bull do not know how vicious, of course, he understands that this thing is a good thing. Hey, however,ultrasonic dispersion machine, the great sage, my disciple, is also recommended by you. In the future, it will be related to your old man's reputation. You can't be too stingy. I'm afraid such a plain dress alone is not enough. The heart of the big black bull is not enough, the snake swallows the elephant, but also wants to squeeze Li Qiye severely, so that Li Qiye bleeds heavily. Of course, the so-called massive hemorrhage, it is just an exaggeration, the big black bull heart is very clear,ultrasonic handheld welder, with Li Qiye's inside information, send one or two treasures, that is nothing at all. Li Qiye smiled and took out one. It was a golden palm. The golden palm was brilliant. The whole palm looked like it was made of gold. The whole golden palm looked perfect. With such a thick golden palm, you can hardly imagine that it is a real palm. Anyone who sees this golden palm will only think that it is only a palm made of gold. However, when you carefully feel the palm of this golden hand, you will feel that this golden palm seems to have invincible power, it is such a golden palm, it seems that it can split the world in an instant, split everything in the world, under such a golden palm, it seems that nothing can be blocked, invincible in general. This thing, give you, perhaps, you can carry forward it in the future. Li Qiye handed the golden palm to Liu Yanbai. This golden palm was found by Li Qiye on the edge of the city of washing sin that day. At that time, this golden palm was holding the dark eye. Take it, take it. As soon as he saw the golden palm, what kind of person was the big black bull? He knew at a glance that the golden palm was amazing, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and that it was something that went against the sky. Liu Yanbai also did not know how to appreciate this golden palm, holding it in her hand, she could not help looking at it a few more times, I do not know why, she felt that such a golden palm was so kind, always let her feel that such a golden palm and she had an indescribable sense of familiarity, intimacy, as if she and this golden palm were a family. This palm is amazing. The big black bull looked at the golden palm and could not help drooling. Of course, he did not rob the treasure with his disciples. Then he could not help looking at Li Qiye and said with a smile, "Great Sage, hey, where did you get this golden palm? You didn't go across time to cut off someone's arm." "It's not easy to cross time. Even if you have the ability to do it, you can't do it. This is a move to destroy the world, and the cause and effect will be imposed on yourself." Li Qiye said lightly. This thing is really great. The big black bull, of course, knew the goods and said, "In the whole world, a person who has practiced such a hand can calculate it with five fingers. No, he can calculate it with three fingers.". Such a hand, hey, even if it is a distant saint, it can not be practiced. ” "Ah-" at this time, Liu Yanbai was startled, can not help but cry out, because when she carefully looked at the golden palm, suddenly, this golden palm actually moved, as if it was a living palm. Liu Yanbai was so frightened that as soon as she let go, the golden palm fell down. Fortunately, the big black bull was sharp-eyed and caught it all at once. Don't panic, don't panic, it's a good thing, it's a good thing. On the contrary, the big black bull was happy and said, "This shows that this is a great fate. This is the fate that others can't ask for all their lives. You girl, with such pure blood, I'm afraid you can't find it in the world. You are a stone chisel." When the big black bull handed the golden palm to Liu Yanbai again, Liu Yanbai was a little frightened. After all, such a palm suddenly moved like a living hand, which was really a little creepy. Don't be afraid, how many people want such a strange fate, you can get it, that is unique. Said the big black bull comfortingly. Strange to say, such a golden palm in the hands of the big black bull, it did not respond at all. What the hell is going on? Platinum Ning looked at it and was surprised. When she first saw the golden palm, she thought it was made of immortal gold. Now she really understood that the golden palm was not made of any material. This is a real palm, not a treasure, nor a rare treasure, perhaps, such a palm, cut from the arm of a person. At this time, Bai Jinning will understand why the big black bull will say that Li Qiye is across time, cut off such a palm from someone, originally, this is the real palm, is someone's palm. Liu Yanbai surprised uncertain, took the palm,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, but at this moment, this palm will not move. You come here. Li Qiye waved to Liu Yanbai, and Liu Yanbai walked to Li Qiye's side.

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